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Protect Your Network from Exploits and Vulnerabilities with Analycys.

Welcome to Analycys, your cybersecurity partner for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). We provide a robust defense against digital threats, ensuring your business stays secure and compliant.

$1.2 Million

High End Average Cost Per Incident

$2.8 Billion

In Total Damages for 2020


SMB’s That Experienced A Data Breach in the Past year

Analycys Solutions meets Compliance Requirements for Regulated Industries

Why Choose Analycys As Your Preferred Cyber Security Provider

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Fortify Your Network

In a time where news of data breaches are becoming “the new normal,” the need for organizations to evaluate their overall risk and avoid becoming the next victim has become critical. Organizations simply can’t protect themselves from risks they’re unaware of. Additionally, many organizations are simply unsure where to start.

During a time where attackers are becoming more sophisticated and performing these attacks on a regular basis, it is imperative that organizations establish and maintain an information security program that allows them more flexibility on when and how often they can assess their environments

As small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) embrace new technological developments like the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and the internet of things (IoT), they often overlook the security implications of digital transformation. This leaves many organizations vulnerable to cyber theft, scams, extortion, and countless other cyber crimes. As a result, two in three SMBs suffered a security breach in the last year and cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, targeted, and damaging. With the average cost per incident exceeding $380,000 as it is, a single security breach can be detrimental to a small firm. It is, therefore, vital that SMBs begin prioritizing cyber security.

Minimized Downtime

Continuous monitoring across network, cloud, and endpoint log data ensures that operations run smoothly without costly interruptions due to security incidents.


Run a penetration test on your schedule: We offer scheduling flexibility. Let us know what day and time you’d like us to perform your penetration test and we can get it scheduled immediately with no delays

Real-time Notifications

Notifications are always sent out when the penetration test starts and stops, keeping important individuals in the know as to when things are going on. This is also helpful in case there are some alerts that get triggered

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Proactive Threat Prevention

Vulnerability Management's comprehensive scanning capabilities uncover hidden vulnerabilities, allowing SMBs to proactively address weaknesses before they are exploited, avoiding costly breaches and downtime.

In the System Monitoring Room Two Senior Operators Work on a Big Interactive Map. Facility
Trusted By
Our Resources have performed penetration tests on over 20,000 IP addresses while in production

 I'm truly impressed by the caliber of cybersecurity services extended by Analycys. As a small business owner, ensuring the security and compliance of a business is crucial. Analycys has consistently gone above and beyond, providing reliable network services and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to ensuring client satisfaction. Analycys has proven to be a reliable partner, offering innovative solutions that set new standards for connectivity. I highly recommend Analycys for any SMB looking for superior cybersecurity services ”

Joshua Arguello

Account Manager, Kaseya

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